Fire Alarm Testing and Inspection, British standard: BS5839.

Appropriate fire alarms are a legal requirement for every single business. It’s not enough to simply install one though, by law, you’ve got to maintain and test it too.

Regular testing and inspection is the most reliable means of ensuring that your existing fire detection system remains fully functional in the event of a fire. 

A competent person must undertake weekly checks in addition to a full inspection at intervals not exceeding 6 months, using qualified engineers.

Therefore, The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (RRO) is the overarching legislation covering fire safety.

To comply with the RRO, your premises, facilities, equipment and devices must be regularly maintained by a competent person – which, of course, includes your fire alarms.

Expanding on this is the guidance set out in the relevant British Standard: BS 5839, which recommends fire alarm detection systems are inspected by a competent person at least twice a year.

Fire alarm testing and inspection for Landlords.

Following current regulations regarding fire alarm testing and inspection, it is now the responsibility of HMO Landlords to carry out a fire risk assessment for each property.

A fire alarm system must be installed and maintained in accordance with the British Standard BS5839. 

The regulations also highlight when you’ll need a fire testing, to ensure that the maintenance schedule is up to date.

The system will be different regarding the depth of the fire alarm test.

It changes depending on the type of system ; a grade D system will differ from the form and grade A system.

How often does a fire alarm need to be tested ?

Following the regulations in force, a full test of the fire alarm system must be performed every 6 months.

Only a competent professional such as an electrician or a fire engineer can perform a test.

If your current fire alarm safety regime worries you, or isn’t up to scratch, then we can help.

We’ve got an army of technicians with high experience and best qualifications on hand to thoroughly inspect your fire detection devices twice a year.

The Elec Group will inspect, test, repair and maintain your fire alarm system to BS5839 standard.

Stay compliant, choose The Elec Group.

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