The Regulatory Reform Order (Fire Safety) Order 2005 states that all businesses require a Fire Risk Assessment periodically, appropriate to risk or whenever there is a significant change in use, structure or staffing at a premises. The Elec Group will work with the ‘responsible person’ to report on appropriate measures required to minimise the risks of fire to life and your property.

In all business or non-domestic premises across the United Kingdom, fire safety is of paramount importance. Not only should you be ensuring that your staff have received accredited fire safety training and that all fire escape routes on your premises are clearly marked, you should also be reviewing your fire risk assessment regularly as part of a well-managed fire safety policy.

Fire safety is incredibly important in the workplace because of the potential for injury or fatality if a fire breaks out on your premises. For this reason, you should be making every reasonable effort to ensure that you are preventing a fire from starting at work. This begins with understanding the basics of fire safety by completing an accredited fire safety training course.

What is a Fire Risk Assessment?

A fire risk assessment should identify the potential fire hazards on your premises, identify the individuals who may be at risk in the event of a fire, evaluate ways of removing or reducing such risks from your premises, list the possible fire escape routes, and detail the ways in which everyone on your premises can be made safe in the event of a fire.

Remember: Though templates can be used to guide you in creating a fire risk assessment, your fire risk assessment should be personalised to your specific workplace. That is why The Elec Group can help you build a specific assessment built around your business.

Can I Get a Free Fire Risk Assessment?

If you see a company advertising a free fire risk assessment, this is probably not a legitimate offer as free fire risk assessments relevant to your circumstances are unlikely to exist. Every business needs to take responsibility for creating a personalised fire risk assessment that is specific to their premises, since no two locations will have the same layout, features, staff, or equipment.

Remember:  All fire safety in the workplace should start with an accredited fire safety training course.

Fire Safety Training

At The Elec Group we are dedicated to delivering a high quality service to every customer and a fire risk assessment is the first step towards ensuring your business is safe from the risk of fire.