Project Description

EET – Electrical Equipment Testing

(Previously known as PAT)

EET encompasses the testing and inspection of portable electrical equipment including heavy plant and fixed appliances up to 400v. The Elec Group will work with duty holders to ensure that your appliances are in line with the IET ‘Code of Practice for In-Service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment’ and will provide a digital asset register of your appliances.



The name given to the testing of electrical equipment has changed. The previously known PAT testing will now be known as EET (Electrical Equipment Testing).

The name ‘Electrical Equipment Testing’ has a broader understanding and covers more parameters within what items are included within the test. This removes any misinterpretation of the previous term and what equipment is included under it.

For example:

PORTABLE –  Portable assumes the equipment is movable and/or able to be picked up. This implies other items are excluded from the test, which is not the case.

APPLIANCE – The term appliance is strongly associated with white goods and domestic properties. There is a wider spectrum in what is included within testing of electrical equipment, with white goods and domestic properties only making up a small percentage of what is included.


Code of practice states that there should be a formal visual inspection and recording on any low voltage equipment (Class 3) For example, DAB Radios, PC’s routers etc. The visual inspection is to ensure the equipment functions correctly as the manufacturer intended, and there is no damage.

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