From the 1st April 2021, Landlords who fail to conduct electrical safety tests on newly rented properties could receive fines of up to £ 30,000.

The new laws, promoted by Electrical Safety First, will require landlords of privately leased properties to perform an electrical inspection;  every five years or new tenant.

And the landlords have to provide this documentation for new leases from the 1st June 2020.

The EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report) will identify and highlight any work required to ensure the property is safe.

A compliant and adequate EICR will mean a repeat inspection will not be necessary for another 5 years, unless, otherwise specified on the report.

We recommend, for your EICR, to turn to a professional competent in inspection and testing, such as an electrical engineer or a registered electrician.

What will the landlords need to do ?

Generally, a landlord has the duty to carry out an electrical safety test (EICR) every 5 years, but now landlords must supply new tenants with a copy of the current EICR at the start of their tenancies. 

Landlords that fail to comply or have necessary repairs undertaken could face fines of up to £30,000.

Furthermore, the EICR is just one of the various certificates that a landlord needs to obtain for their properties. 

How much does an electrical safety test (EICR) cost to a Landlord?

It depends.

An EICR performed by professionals will cost a landlord about £150 to £500, depending on the size and location of property.

Why is there this change in safety regulations ?

Unfortunately, according to Electrical Safety First (ESF), electrical faults cause over half of the accidental domestic fires in the United Kingdom.

That is why there are these changes to safety regulations, the new regulations will protect millions of renters and tenants from the risk of unsafe electrics.

Case Study:

Thirza Whittall’s death in 2008;

She was electrocuted whilst stepping into her bath due to an unidentified electrical fault.

Later, an investigation found that the property was last checked in 1981.

Or the case of Professor John Alliston;

They found him dead by electrocution by a cable that had become live due to a fault.

The coroner later called for mandatory electrical safety checks in rented homes.

It is the landlords’ duty to provide all the security checks necessary to keep properties safe for those who live in them.

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